And certainly more than a general increase in wages.

And certainly more than a general increase in wages.

The relevant item is contained in the Program of Activities of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which the Ukrainian government intends to implement in the coming years.

The government notes that this will encourage teachers to improve their skills.

“It simply came to our notice then. We will also encourage the best teachers – agents of change, in particular by expanding certification. We will create conditions for raising the social status of a teacher,” the document reads.

As is known, the Cabinet of Ministers has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration the Government’s Program of Activities, which sets the government’s priorities for the next 5 years.


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The furor from the salary increase is short-lived, and after a few months it will be lacking again

Why the school will not change the raised salaries of teachers

For many years, we have all been fed by the thesis that “teachers need to be raised,” and finally this happiness is approaching along with the upcoming elections. The news is full of rumors about raising teachers’ salaries to UAH 9,000. Anastasia Leukhina, co-founder of the Educational Experiment, is considering whether the increase in salaries will change the ideas for narratives situation in the education system.

It reminds me of the situation with police reform. Everyone’s salary was raised, but in fact, only the patrol police began to work better – because, in addition to the salary, the system of selection and training has changed, as well as the basic foundation of values.

The rest of the services can’t boast of much progress, although they are already earning quite a bit more than before. Several times.

The furor from the salary increase was short-lived, and after a few months it was again lacking for everyone.

The same will happen in education, if you do not learn the lessons of police reform.

It is difficult to disagree with the fact that teachers earn modestly, that it is important to raise the prestige of the profession together with the salary, and that the plight of the education system is partly due to low teachers’ salaries.

Despite the fact that on the surface it’s all about money, adding them clearly will not solve most problems. These problems are mainly of a non-financial nature. “We do not have enough money. We don’t have brains,” said Matroskin.

I will try to identify a number of problems that I saw at school – both my own and my son, who after 3 years of study at a public school was transferred to home form of education.

I apologize in advance for the generalization – teachers are different, and this text does not apply to everyone.

And my child, after reading this column, objected that I was describing a very extreme situation, but confirmed that he had encountered all this in the Chernihiv comprehensive school when he went to it.

Low level of teachers’ knowledge

One colleague working in a company for professional training for external evaluation complains about the shortage of staff.

When hiring teachers, they are required to pass the external examination in the profile subject. 75% of working teachers who apply for a job in this company are not able to pass the external examination in their subject.

For example, this sample may not be representative of the whole country, but if we take it as a starting point, it means that only one in four is competent enough to teach children the subject.

But the experiment with passing the external evaluation in the Chernivtsi region showed similar deplorable results. Only 15% of teachers passed it perfectly, and most – “satisfactorily”, a few managed not to score a minimum of points.

From the fact that the salary of these teachers will increase by two, three or as many times as possible, they will not be better at solving equations or answering profile questions.

To solve the problem of competence of these specialists, you need more than money. And certainly more than a general increase in wages.

Violence, manipulation and oppression

There is a lot of violence in the modern school. Violence and oppression.

Many teachers see themselves as generals, and children’s classes as subordinate companies.

They set their own rules and teach children to obey them.

They allow themselves not to let children go to the toilet during the lesson, not to hear their opinions, allow to regulate their preference for children depending on the amount of money handed over or paid tutoring services, or give light slaps to “get better” …

They violate the rights of the child and teach children that this is normal.

Raising teachers’ salaries will not change this situation in any way. They may have more fear of losing their jobs, but a higher salary will not add to their humanity, respect for the basic rights of children, or change the balance of power between teacher and student.

Fear as a motivation to work as a teacher does not fit into the canons of the new Ukrainian school.

Disrespect for the student and adult-centeredness

The biggest problem with a school is that it is built around the principal or, at best, the teacher, but not around the student.

The student in it is often just an excuse to extort money from parents and the state, to feel the power towards children and to use it.

Shifts will begin to be felt when the child – his needs, interests, features – will be at the center of the school universe.

Of course, this requires resources, but simply raising teachers’ salaries will not put the child at the center of the system. To do this, you need to make a big shift in the brains of some teachers and administrators or get rid of them altogether, but not raise their salaries.

Falsehood, hackneyedness and stereotyping

Teachers have learned to smile at children for a bottle of alcohol or another gift brought by a parent.

They also learned to frown, create pressure, and underestimate grades to stimulate parents’ demand for petty corruption and “buying their goodwill.”

And in this “purchase” there is not a drop of interest of the child or the quality of his education. It’s just manipulation and extortion. For the sake of survival or out of habit.

Increased salaries will help teachers move beyond the poverty line they are currently in. This is indisputable.

But how much higher income will provide more ethical and transparent behavior for each child (and not just for whom they contributed) is a moot point.

School as a bazaar and customer fair

It is no secret that quite often teachers “catch up” with their low salaries by tutoring, participating in corrupt schemes for the purchase of textbooks or sales of children’s goods or services.

My child often came back from school with a request or demand to buy something – a book, a newspaper, a special notebook, a ticket to the theater for lessons, or something else kindly offered by distributors in school classrooms. with the filing of the administration.

Nothing personal, a continuous business in the holy of holies – at school, on the not yet formed child’s psyche and manipulation on the already formed need to “be like everyone else”. This ensured a high level of sales.

This unscrupulousness with a salary increase will not go anywhere. Because money does not repair the notion of what is good and why a school cannot be turned into a bazaar.

This can be influenced by courageous parents, it can be influenced by local and national authorities, it can be influenced by a new organizational culture, but not by a salary increase.

The salary increase will positively affect the quality of the teaching staff in the long run only under the following conditions: selection, entrance training, lifelong learning culture inside, new quality of leadership, as well as a different level of interaction between parents and teachers.

One of the most important elements is to create a new selection system, internal filters and a qualitatively different system for evaluating the work of the teacher.

Without new parameters for entering the system, we will constantly rest on the shortage of staff in general, the shortage of young people in particular, and the conflicts of generations by age instead of conflicts over the level and quality of teaching.

The new quality of leadership in education is also a key parameter of success. After all, both the composition of the pedagogical staff and the internal culture depend on the directors and head teachers.

The school is a dictatorship or a space for creativity, it also largely depends on the leadership.

Whether it attracts prison teachers or experimental botanists also largely depends on the quality of leadership. But it cannot be simply bought, it must be grown and selected. And support.

The new leaders of the modern school first of all need support from all sides. Salary is also needed, but the support of parents and colleagues comes first.

And from parents and students themselves will largely depend on which way will go a very detailed and well-written concept of the new Ukrainian school.

It depends on their awareness, support, demands and questions – on gentle acceleration and hard pressure, whether it will be just a good document and whether Ukrainian education will move from the deadlock.

Anastasia Leukhina, co-founder of the “Educational Experiment”, the original on the site “Ukrainian Truth. Life”.

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The president says that people who dedicate themselves to pedagogy should be highly motivated

Poroshenko also promises to increase teachers’ salaries

For the successful implementation of ambitious plans, people who dedicate themselves to the pedagogical field must be highly motivated. This was stated by President Poroshenko during a meeting with educators.

“Together with the Prime Minister, we have found an opportunity for the government to increase the salaries of teachers in 2017. Its further increase is planned for next year. This, I emphasize again, is presented in the draft budget. And I am convinced that it will be voted on, “Poroshenko said.

He also reminded that in 2018 it is planned to allocate 520 million hryvnias for advanced training of teachers who will train first-graders of the New Ukrainian school across all Ukraine.

In addition, Poroshenko also expressed the belief that teachers use all the progressive norms of the new law “On Education” to introduce qualitative changes in children’s education.

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